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About Andramaris

Originally established in 2010 as Annie's Homestead, now Andramaris lovingly creates all natural, artisan soaps, herbal remedies, heirloom knits, and more!

I've been studying and using herbs for over 25 years, homesteading for 12 years, and making soap for over 7 years. Plants are magick; Healing, nurturing, and sustaining the earth. My mission has always been to heal, nurture, and be as sustainable as I can be...

I wrote this when I started a blog back in 2010,

" Welcome to my little homestead on the hill! Here in rural Tennessee, there are still places that move a little slower. The tea is brewed with the sun, and the breeze flows through the open windows all summer long. In the winter, it's a roaring fire and hot cider keeping us warm.

For years I dreamed of having my own place in the country, to become self sufficient and to finally find peace and healing from a past I wasn't proud of. In 2005, I found that place, that peace and so much more. I learned that digging in the dirt was way more effective than any therapist. I learned that warm summer breezes were more soul-cleansing than, well, anything. And I learned in the satisfaction and pride in doing a job yourself.

My mission is simple: To become completely self sufficient and to teach others to do the same. I still have a long way to go, but I celebrate how far I've come. Follow me as I work within my means to get it done.Learn with me how to do it, BUT BE WARNED: I am a real person! I am not some eccentric millionaire- this won't be done in a year or even two. I have 4 awesome kids, which I home school, I have my own business selling soaps and pretty much anything else I can make and all of my crazy animals. I found peace here, but it's seldom quiet, and never boring. ;) Just the way I like it!"

Since writing that, I have graduated two amazing kids, became a granny (best title in the world!!), and I've been on and off the self sufficient wagon many times. My heart always aches for the peace of nature, "soul breezes", and a simpler way of life.